Social Influence

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  • Conformity - following in response to real or imagined pressures from others
  • Compliance - responding to a request from another
  • Obedience - responding to a command from someone who has more power
  • Ideomotor action - thinking about an action makes the likelihood of doing the action higher (seeing someone else doing something makes you think about it and thus more likely to do it)
  • chameleon effect - non conscious copying of another's actions or mannerisms
  • informational social influence - the use of other people as a source of information about what is likely correct (we want to be right, and use other people as a source of information)
  • normative social influence - conforming to avoid the disapproval that others may deliver.

Factors that affect Uniformity Pressures

  1. Group Size
  2. Unanimity of the group
  3. Expertise and status of the members of the group
  4. Culture - America and West European's are more independent and willing to stand apart from the rest of a group
  5. Gender - Women are more likely to nurture the importance of interdependent relationships
  6. Difficulty or ambiguity of the task
  7. The anonymity of our view point