Sports teams as a model for workplace teams: Lessons and Liabilities

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  1. There are two lessons to be learned from sports teams
    1. how to motivate a team
    2. how to structure a team
  2. Lessons
    1. "Integrate cooperation and competition"
      1. allow internal competition as long as it is done out in the open
        1. have teammates outperform other teammates without undermining them
        2. competition intense during games but small during games
        3. competition for playing time but not scoring
    2. Teams that start winning early, have a better chance to win the final game
    3. Make sure to break out of losing streaks soon
      1. This can be done by rephrasing negative situations into positive ones and by refocusing the team.
    4. Spend time to practice
    5. Use a halftime
      1. Create times during the work that people take a step back and reflect/re-strategize
    6. Stable teams perform better
      1. It takes time for teams to develop knowledge of one another and get comfortable enough to enhance performance
    7. Study the game video
      1. Replay the past team performances to make sure successes were because of good team play
      2. Figure out why there were failures